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Celine Mackenzie
Naturopath Homeopath

PhD in  Natural Medicine

Board Certified in Homeopathy, HD
Board Certified in Naturopathy, ND
Board Certified in Integrative Nutrition - Micronutrition

Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the well-being of mind and body. As a certified International Practitioner in Holistic Medicine (IPHM) (registration number: NM3365) and Holder of a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, I integrate a range as diverse as it is complete of natural therapies to prevent and manage chronic ailments but also to promote optimal health.

"Medicine is the art of imitating the curative processes of nature." Hippocrates
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"The mission of the doctor - therapist consists in explaining the past, knowing the present and foreseeing the future" Hippocrate

Areas of Expertise

Gemmotherapy, Homeopathy, Integrative Nutrition, Naturopathy, Micronutrition.
Specialist in Women's Health and Pediatrics 

Chronic pain - Rheumatism - Fibromyalgia - Menopause - Women's health - Pregnancy - Digestive disorders - Circulatory & Food disorders 

Pediatric health

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Cures in Natural Medicine - Naturopathy Homeopathy

Cures in natural medicine - naturopathy / homeopathy are based on 3 phases:

1- Detoxification of your body (Detoxify): this is the attack phase with drainage of your emunctories (skin - kidneys - liver, etc.) in order to prepare your body for the necessary change and/or readjustment by eliminating as many toxins as possible. This is done in particular by several natural methods such as fasting, detox cures (mono-diet - green smoothies, etc.), with the addition of gemmotherapy, phytotherapy, the most natural diet possible, and relaxation. It must be done over a period of at least 1 month.  

2- The Revitalization of your body (Fix): adaptation of a revitalizing lifestyle, with a food plan appropriate to each individual. Daily stress management, then a physical activity plan. We can also help ourselves with natural approaches such as homeopathy & nutritherapy. 

3- Stabilization of your vital energy (Cure & Prevent) : this is the long-term balance phase with the learning of new lifestyle measures. Healthier food, daily physical exercise, stress management, maintenance of your vitality.  

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