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"The laws of disease are the same as those of health; there is in the former only the exaggeration or diminution of certain phenomena which were already in the former."Cl. BERNARD.

My Therapeutic Approach

My first duty as a holistic therapist is to reoptimize the energy of my clients/patients by analyzing their metabolic disorder.  

I support you in the management of Digestive Disorders, Weight Loss, Women's Health Disorders, Allergies, Addictions, Chronic Pain, etc.

You do not understand why all your efforts do nothing to solve your ills. Think about the proper functioning of your metabolism, it is often unbalanced and the main cause of your daily inconveniences. 

By biochemical transformation, the nutrients essential to the proper functioning of our cells are often lacking. Whether it concerns vitamins, minerals or even amino acids, our diet today is no longer the only source of these vital agents. 

It is then necessary to correct the imbalance that occurs within your cells, whether in excess or in deficit, in order to restore a perfect harmony between the different exchanges of the systems of your body. 

Let's work together!

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The Role of the Naturopath- Homeopath

*Educational role: Educate on hygiene and quality of life people interested in
integrate natural health factors into their habits.

*Preventive role: Propose a personalized program of preventive hygiene centered on the
weight control, nutritional balance, correction of nutrient deficiencies, cure of
drainage, revitalization, adapted physical activity, management of stress factors,

*Curative role: provide a therapeutic solution to anyone who requests it, by
the use of natural treatments and within the limits of application of these methods:
hydrotherapy, biotherapy, energy rebalancing, herbal medicine, homeopathy.

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